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any film student to give advice/free opportunities around?

i want to start a portfolio but i'm not sure how, i got out of college how can i start this on my own without proper qualifications. i know networking can really get you far. Is there any free experience opportunities around i've been searching but i can't find any.

If you have Facebook it may be worth looking at some of the film pages on there like "People in TV: Runners" they showcase a lot of opportunities to build your portfolio, also look for online courses too. Screenskills is great for the opportunities and courses they have to offer aswell.

Also just work on stuff yourself, experiment, film things, write stuff and so on. The best practice is through doing.

Hope this helps,
Katie F (Film Graduate)
University of Wolverhampton
I’m a career coach for those in the entertainment industry and I write articles to help you navigate the industry. Here’s one focusing on free websites to find work;

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