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Motorcycle insurance at 18 Prices are too high?

Hello guys, I am a student currently living in London and I will be moving to bristol in September for uni. I currently ride a 50cc vespa and second driver which I am paying about £150/ month (absurd) but I will be doing my A1 soon and the A2 when I turn 19. I am looking to get a 125 beginner bike like a MT-125 for similar which go for a good price. However, when looking at the potential quotes I can get for such motorcycles I am getting quotes of £4k+ yearly on comprehensive and the lowest being for third party theft and fire at £3051 yearly which is £329 monthly with a £458 deposit. For a full time student without a job this seems like way too high when considering that people on 600cc+ bikes are paying around 50-80 monthly. I changed the location to Bristol and the price barely changes, This is with a £500 excess, stored in a garage and a year of NCD. Are these prices normal and what can I do to make them lower?
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Most likely to do with age + location. Unfortunately you can't do much apart from wait and get a bit older. I know there was a significant drop for me, albeit with car insurance, when i turned 21. Maybe reconsider your method of transport? You mentioned being a student and also not having a job - if you can't afford the insurance how will you afford other things? Fuel, protective m/c gear, maintenance, etc. Not to mention your genuine living expenses as a student - rent, food & books are quite expensive.

Maybe hold off and firm using public transport until you have a somewhat reliable source of income? Unfortunately the odds are against you as a young person, even worse if you are a male. These ridiculously high costs usually mean they're trying to discourage you from buying the policy / insurers think you're very likely to crash.
Hey, yeah you bring up great points. Luckily I already ride a smaller bike and have the gear, currently living with parents but when I go to Bristol for uni I will be living with my uncle and auntie and will definitely get a job to pay for any expenses including if I get a bike.
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Oh right i see. So eliminating rent (and maybe food?) you'll still want some cash for books / course costs as well as your recreational activities (you might end up drinking a lot in your first year - drinks are expensive!). Just something to bear in mind.

As for your initial Q, have you tried putting more adults on your policy? I'm not sure how it works with m/c insurance but with my car insurance I put my dad down as an additional driver, it lowered the price by several hundred quid.

Also, I wouldn't say your quote is out of the realm of possibility, it is high, sure, but i can believe that. When i upgraded my motor to a 1.6L at 22 (2 years NCB) i was getting quotes of around £2.5k for comprehensive cover. Again, the biggest drop will be as you get older - but in the meantime play around with comparison sites and your details i.e. change from garaged to drive or to on street, add additional drivers, etc. You'd be surprised - sometimes its cheaper to list your vehicle as on street parked as opposed to garaged.

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