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Parking fine

Can you tell me how to pay mc donalds parking fine??
McDonalds cannot impose a parking fine. Only a court can fine you.

Local authorities can issue fixed penalty notices for parking on public land.

Private landowners can issue a contractual demand for a penalty, if you do not comply with the conditions of parking on that land, and those conditions were clearly displayed when you parked at the site.

Look at the notice you have been given, and either (1) challenge the demand if you have grounds to do so (for example: the conditions of parking were not displayed, or (2) pay the amount demanded in the manner stated on the notice.
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Ignore it and move on. Your better than them
Original post by Greedyboy4u
Ignore it and move on. Your better than them

This is unwise advice. A Supreme Court decision a few years ago established that contractual parking penalties can be enforced in many circumstances. Private parking companies do sometimes sue in County Courts.
Tell them your a professional knife thrower

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