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SQA Higher English and Nat5 English

Hey everyone,
I have just been concerned about my university entry requirements. So basically, I have come across the uni entry requirements and turned out that I need Nat5 in English which I don’t hold, but I am crashing Higher English this year (it is for speakers of other languages because English is not my first language) and planning to do the same for Nat5 as Higher English can’t be considered on different basis. Therefore, I am just enquiring if it’s possible to crash the dame subjects the same session. And if possible, when I decided to see timetable for the exams, turned out both were on the same day with the same timings. Thus, there’s a clash. So do you know if I can do the two exams the same day but at different hours?

I hope anyone can help with this or anybody who knows someone with a similar situation who was struggling with this issue
Thank you all in advance

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