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Is DT accepted by universities?

I’m coming up to choosing my A-levels and am really struggling to choose my options.
So far the only one I’m convinced I’m taking is English lit (I love it and have been predicted a 9 for ages). History and Geography are considerations for my second Alevel, and physics and DT are considerations for my third. ( at my school you also have to do an EPQ).
I am not fully convinced I want to go to uni but if I do it will be to a good, non- Russell group uni studying media.
What combination of the options above would be good for going to uni, and would a non-facilitating subject like DT affect my chances of going to uni?
Facilitating isn’t a thing. It was only ever a suggestion from the Russell group for people who didn’t know what they might want to study at university and so a way to maximise flexibility in degree choices by having 2 facilitating subjects.

Does your sixth form not offer any options to study media or film at A level?

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