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History degree without doing Alevel History

I’m in year 12 i am doing Government&Politics , Sociology and Media for Alevels . From year 7 till year 11 I loved history I always got As . But in year 11 I didn’t like history because my teacher wasn’t good that’s why I didn’t choose it for alevel which I regret . I got a 7 though

Would it be okay to do a history degree without the alevel ? Would I be disadvantaged?
Varies from uni to uni. Not all courses require it. If they did state history is required and you applied without it you would be automatically rejected. For the coursed that don't require it thought you'll usually be fine :smile:

Depending on your interests though there may be other courses incorporating historical aspects that would be of interest (such as archaeology or languages/area studies courses) so see what is on offer :smile:

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