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Hi, I’m going into y12 and I want to see if any other person is interested in or going into biomedical engineering. I am interested in this course but am unsure of the job roles and employability of this course? Is this worth doing over medicine or biochemistry? Thanks
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Okay so, biomedical engineering is not a very good course in my opinion.
You can get into biomedical engineering WITH just a mechanical engineering degree.
But with a biomedical engineering degree you can only really do, well.. biomedical engineering.
I'm in year 13 now, and I was in the same position as you a few months ago.
In my opinion, you are better off getting into engineering/mechanical engineering as a university course, then you can actually work in biomedical engineering afterwards; that way you still have a lot of flexibility (basically, if you have a degree in mechanical engineering, you can pretty much do anything as long as its to do with engineering).
So if you want to go into something more biology related, and not mathsy like mechanical engineering, yes, biochemistry is a very good course with a lot of flexibility, otherwise, I would avoid biomedical engineering (I am avoiding biomedical engineering).
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Oh ok thanks. Do you know anything about biochemistry? Like what you actually do and careers in that sector. Is it worth doing over a medicine degree

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