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Should I add her?

ok, so I work at a convenience store and over the last 4 days there has been a highschool girls hockey tournament in town. so almost every night one of 2 pack of girls would come in, one of the packs was really cool and really liked to talk, the other I think was younger and was more shy, anyways, I'm just out of highschool and I think I've cought feelings for one of these girls. Normally when the team of girls would come in she would be the one most of the time talking to me, and the other girls would make jokes off and on, and I would also talk to mostly her, joking around having fun, the team even gave me a nickname, (my name is really uncommon so I understand giving me a nickname). Anyways, three days ago on a friday, the girl that I have feelings for right before the team left the store she said, "Alright, do you work tomorrow?" I said, "No" "Sunday?" "Yeah I work sunday, 7AM to 4PM" "Perfect, seeya sunday" "Seeya!", but right before they left one of the other girls in the team said, kinda quiet, kinda not, "but we have to be out by 11AM on sunday" they were staying in a hotel and I would guess they were leaving on sunday back to their home town a few hours away. Sunday came, I opened the store at 7am and was pretty excited to see her, 8am came, then 9, 10, 10:30, 11am, no sign of her, I don't know if she didnt come on purpose, just trying to get in my head, or if she overslept and just didn't have time to come into the store that day, but I worked my shift, then left... I haven't today is monday, since saturday I havent heard anyone hearing about them coming in, and I think they would have went home already because the tournament ended yesterday, I found her instagram because I caught one of the girls in the team's name, but I don't know if I should add her or not, I mean I think she's old enough for me to add her and it not being weird form age, but I don't know if I should add her because it could definitely be weird, I mean I barely know her and she barely knows me, but I can't stop thinking about her, should I wait a few days before adding her or should I just drop it and call it a lost hope.
Hi there
If you feel like you actually like her
I believe you should dm her. Maybe add a picture too. Tell her you truly wanted to keep in touch with her that is why you messaged.
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but might it look weird? I mean just adding her out of the blue?
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but might it look weird? I mean just adding her out of the blue?
Dm her first with a picture of you
Then if she answers favourably, you can ask if you can add her

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