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Revision hours

Is it ok that I'm revising two hours after school, two hours at the weekend and extra revision at school for GCSEs as I can't revise for hours like other people
Yeah I think that’s plenty it’s not really about how long you revise for but how effective revision is a lot of people lose concentration after a certain amount of time so making sure that you have regular breaks and working on topics that you might not understand as well as other topics and doing practice papers is a good way to go. Ultimately doing what’s right for you and how you’re gonna get the most benefit out of revision. I know it can be hard to compare yourself to others and you might think you’re not doing as much as them but in the long-term if you revise effectively and use your time wisely, you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck with everything.☺️
While it sounds like you're putting a lot of effort in with your studying, there's no set amount of time that will guarantee you any grade! It seems like you understand the amount of time you can spend focussing, which is great. As long as you're setting targets for what you would like to cover within that time when you're studying, I think that sounds effective!

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