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Am I able to start College at the 18

I’m 17 currently and will be in 18 this August. I wish to continue with my education in September by completing A-Levels at college. I’m not sure if they accept 18 year olds or whether it’s a sensible idea to try it and potentially finish college at 20 years old. Anyone got any suggestions or similar experience?
Hey, I started at 18yrs old in 2022 I’m going to be sitting my a levels in may and starting university at 20. At first I was afraid to start because I thought everyone would be younger than me and possibly be uncomfortable that I’m older than them but honestly lol no one cares about your age also there’s sometimes people resitting a year that is close to your age. I do know most colleges are 16-19 so as long as you start before you’re 20 you should be fine. I think it’s a sensible idea and you shouldn’t overthink it, if you feel like going back to education then you should. Also if you’re uncomfortable I think there are adult colleges.
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Sixth form colleges might not like the sound of an 18 year old sitting A-Levels alongside 16 year olds, they operate more like schools. Firstly consider what it is you want to do after you finish college, there maybe a vocational option at Level 3 such as a BTEC or City and Guilds 2-year course to get you there instead.

A-Levels are not recognised by employers only universities, Level 3 vocational qualifications are recognised by both.

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