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Performance anxiety

Don't know if it's just nerves or something else.

I lost my virginity at aged 18, a lot of the time when I was having sex with this girl I was drunk so I struggled to get it up. I don't recall it being satisfying for me. But on a couple of ocassions I wasn't drunk and couldn't get it up, the condom just wouldn't work with me it wouldn't roll down it would kill my erection. The last time that happened she chuckedf me out and i never heard from her again.

Second itme in 2022 something else happened with another girl like a hookup and I was only inside her for probably about 10 seconds. Unsurprisingly I never heard from her again.

Recently I've entered into a relationship and yesterday was the first time we tried full sex. We couldn't get the condom to roll down over my penis, and my erection died so i couldn't really get inside her. I have to admit, probably a culmination of stress that week i actually did cry a bit because I'm so frustrated.

I'm worried that it'll put her off me, and then i'm worried i'll never be able to please any girl if i keep having this issue. least of all me too. like i want to do it, i don't even remembenr the first times i had sex. it's really destructive to my confidence and makes me feel like a fraud with my friends.

Any advice?

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