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Is this right?

I'm being monitored at work, because of my personality. I am very shy, been shy since I was very small.

I have a good work ethic, positive, I praise my colleagues, arrive on time to work,I want to learn, I respect and listen to others and try my upmost to do a good job.

I know management want the best out of me by bringing me out of my shell.

Sometimes I just feel they're going a bit too far, by shaping me into someone which fits with their ideals.

I wish I was more out-going, who can say anything they want without having anxiety or worrying all the time on little things that aren't worth worrying about.

I've accepted that I'm shy and no matter how hard I try to reverse that, I can't change who I am. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SHY AND I'M OK WITH THAT, SOCIETY SHOULD BE OK WITH THAT.

Is it right for management to pick on me like this?
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You've only given your version of how things are at work, so on what aspects of the job are you being monitored?

You aren't being picked on; it's a widely-recognised process used by organisations to improve performance and you have input into it.
I was waiting for the bad bit, doesn't seem like management is being unreasonable. They're trying to help, no?

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