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Why do internationals go to the UK to study law?

serious question - doesn't it make more sense to just stay in your home country and learn the law there (as most internationals return home)? England doesn't have the same laws
I think in addition to the fact that a degree from the UK has global prestige and opportunities, many countries like Australia, India, Hongkong, Singapore, USA, etc. follow the common law system so it's easier for people to just do a degree in the UK and then do a conversion course and practice where they want.
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A couple more reasons:

In some European jurisdictions (and the US for that matter), law is a postgrad degree, so completing a UK undergrad law degree is just a replacement for the non-law degree the student would otherwise take and builds a wider skillset, which lead to...

English law is commonly used in international transactions so even if you're, for example, a German lawyer, it can be useful to have a grounding in English law as part of your wider learning and development if you're going to work in the larger scale corporate/commercial space.

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