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What are the age for girls and boys applying for adult nursing ?
I’m not sure what you’re asking here? Are you asking if there’s rules over ages or what people’s ages are or what?

There’s a huge range of ages studying nursing, the average used to be somewhere around 28 years old (though this may be out of date). There’s 18 year olds fresh from their A levels all the way to people upwards of 40 looking for a change of career. Adult nursing groups tend to be the largest out of the nursing branches at university, so you shouldn’t struggle meeting others of a similar age to hang around with if that’s what you’re worried about though :smile:
Generally students are 18 and above.

In my year we have a mix of mature students (21+) and younger (18-19+)

Having a really diverse range of ages makes it great when it comes to practical and theory lectures/seminars because we’re all able to share our experiences.

Healthcare course support is generally same wether your a first time student, a mature student or are a graduate changing careers.

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