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Work Hours / Motivation

I'm in my ECT 2 year and I'm struggling with self-discipline regarding work hours. I usually get into work at 8:00 am and stay till 4:00 but I am finding that I am very much struggling to get productive things done after teaching for a five-period day. Behaviour is currently very challenging and lots of our staff are leaving. It's no secret that behavior is a national issue and there is also a retention crisis. I used to thrive off the work hours but for a term now I have been struggling. I have no desire to work even for a small amount at times at weekends though I used to. Admittedly, this has a knock-on effect on Monday morning as I teach a full day then, as well as Friday. I am considering moving to a different area within a school once I qualify as the money is something I also need due to boring adult obligations. I am hoping for some advice, though. How can I regain the balance I had when my motivation to work is dipping?

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