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Guys is my poem good and how can i improve it

On every leaf , a whispered tale unfolds
The canvas of nature painted with such elegant grace
Between the sky’s expansive dome, we find the beauty and magic
the earth holds within

Mountains so majestic reach for the stars which shine so radiantly
Their peaks touch the heavens where constellations dance with joy and bliss
The ancient faces carved into the stones tell us stories from times bygone

As the sun's rays radiate they envelop the sky
in a solicitous and protective embrace
The sky, a vast canvas of azure bows beneath,
its loyalty and devotion to the world is clear

In every rustle of the breeze, secrets are shared
Each of the ripples on the water reflects times from life's timeless journey
Through valleys deep and forests capacious
A powerful force so inviolable beckons us in
trapping us in a state of mesmerization

The clouds twist and turn each with their own importance
Some are so powerful and fierce
as they roar with a wrath so extreme
Whilst others tranquil idyllically float on pass

The power of nature is one no other can compare to
Its beauty as clear as the raindrops from the clouds as they hit the window
Nature is the creator and destroyer of all
It paints the picturesque picture
We are so lucky to be blessed with
For we are all just tiny pages in nature's story
A never-ending one filled with chaos and harmony
All working together to bring us the beauty
Of nature and its dominance

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