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what happens if you are failed on retrival

hi im a first year student nurse and went on placement in september in my first hub placement i was given no mentor or spervisor and just told to go and work with the HCAs or tag paicents in a bay which is not allowed as a first year student and was being shouted at my senior nurses if i was to leave the bay i did 8 12hour shifts and became drained i was then moved to another ward on the request of my university i was actually happy but then after i realised i was just moved upstairs and it was a sister ward to the one previous and the same nurses would walk there so i went through the same treatment my PA at placement failed me on my prophecies' so when i went back on retrieval i printed out whatever i had been failed on for support but then again i was made to fulfil staff shortages and then failed again has anyone else failed a placement 2nd time and know what happens next as on the academic side of things i have passed everything i was also told by my PA to memberise medication dosages routes and i did that aswel even though it wasnt part of the pad i did numerous calculations but she still failed me i had informed the university before hand that my PA did not like me from the beginning and was constantly leaving me a prioritising a student who is in year 2 and who was the same nationality as her i am dylexic but she made it look like i have dyscalcular aswel
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sorry but to fail a placement twice is usually the end of your training. i would point out the issues you had but prepare for the worst.i would suggest losing the favoritism claim. it will not help. any chance you do have dyscalculia. maybe worth checking. you really need the uni to have sent you to a different area. however you have not failed twice only once. so there is hope but do get learning support involved.
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Hi I have been tested for dyscalcula and I don't have it I passed my safe medicate and got a B in maths GCSE

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