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A-Level History NEA on witchcraft

So as to help anyone who was in the same position as me, I've listed some help below to start your NEA on the European Witch Craze between 1563 and 1647. I obviously cant share any of my written work or research due to exam restrictions but I hope this helps.

Question: Within the context of the period 1563 1647, to what extent was misogyny the key reason for the escalation of witch-hunts in Western Europe?

1560s Witchcraft act comparison in England and Scotland1570s - 2nd Chelmsford Witch Trial, Elizabeth Frances [source]​1580s Warboys trial​1590s North Berwick Trials, James's misogyny [source]​1600s Pappenheimer Case or Link between James becoming K. of E. in 1603 and 1604 witchcraft act = spreading his misogynistic view with witchcraft paranoia​1610s Pendle Witch, James elite influence fuelled by religion and misogyny [source]​1620s The Vardø Witches 1621​1630s Wurzburg 1625-31​1640s Bury St Edmunds witch trials 1645

[source] means i have included a source analysis relating to the trial
1st sources = A damnable Driftes
2nd source = Newes from Scotland in 1591
3rd Source = Thomas Potts book accounts of the trial

other possible sources
- ‘The discovery of witches: in answer to several Queries lately delivered to the Judges of the Assize for the county of Norfolk. And now published by Matthew Hopkins Witch-finder for the benefit of the whole Kingdome.' by Matthew Hopkins during the East - Anglian trials
- Johannes Junius letter to his daughter during Bamberg witch trials

I recommend EuroDocs ( )

if you want to search for other historical sources within Europe

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