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I’m a second year student nurse in my first placement of year two and hoping to get as much signed off as possible.

I need some help and guidance really, my nursing proficiency in my epad for platform 1 is quite big and I have no idea where to start.
If anyone can give me guidance as to what I can do to achieve these could you please let me know, I’d be most grateful.
Youll be helping a very stressed student out!

Platform 1, Proficiency 1.
- demonstrate and articulate an understanding of research methods, ethics, and governance to critically analyse, safely use, share, and apply research findings to promote and inform the provision of person centred care.
- make effective use of local and National guidelines to inform and support delivery of evidence based care.
- contribute to local service improvement initiatives and participate in audits within the placement locality.

Platform 1, proficiency 2
- effectively utilise literacy, digital and technological skills to community with relevant professionals and health and social care agencies to meet the needs of people in their care to ensure safe and effective nursing practice.
- apply the principles of good practice when completing appropriate health and social care documentation.
- demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, and as appropriate, both verbally and non verbally with the individual, their family, carers, visitors and health and social care colleagues.

This is only a small amount to be signed and I’ve no idea where to start, any advice on how to achieve these would be greatly appreciated.
I need to also ask my PA but she quizzes me often so I want to at least have an understanding of them and what they involve.

Thank you
Sophia Juliet

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