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A level art students Gotham needs you

So, im doing art gcse rn and have picked it as an option at a level. For anyone who has done it or is doing it right now is it good at a level or worse? Do you regret choosing it? Is it super stressful and draining? Any pros + cons to it? If anyone can give me any detailed responses I will sit through and read every letter I need all the opinions I can get 😪
Heya, I also did Art GCSE and then I did AS level but didn't carry it through to A2 (back in the days when that was an option). I loved the GCSE and I was excited to carry it through and learn more skills/ improve more in a smaller class. It wasn't related to what I wanted to do but I loved it so much that I took it as an option. This is very much speaking from my experience of my college (and the others in my cohort), but we found it really hard to balance alongside 3 other subjects - you need to put so much of yourself into your coursework, practise so much and just need to devote so much time to it to keep up that it makes it challenging to do justice to all the other studying you have to do.

I'm still really proud of what I achieved, but it's definitely not a 'light' option!

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