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Very quick survey for an essay I'm writing !! :) ASAP (all subjects)

Please answer the following questions :smile:

1. What would you say shapes your own norms/identity the most in current society? Where do you think you adopt your traits (such as your fashion, values, politics) the most?

A) Books
B) Friends
C) Family
D) Films
E) School
F) Social Media

Do you think films (or the characters in them) often inspire/shape your identity, such as your fashion choices, core values, hobbies, personality traits, etc. ?

A) Yes, very often
B) Rarely
C) Never

Who do you think influences your personal identity the most? (not in general, this is a personal question)
A) Family
B) Friends
C) Film characters
D) Teachers

Please answers asap as I need the results in 24hrs lol, thank you!!
I think for Q1C, Q2B Q3A

Good luck!😀

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