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Don't have time to update this now- but any questions give me a pm or an email!

UPDATED 01/07/05

I thought it might be an idea to have an offical thread for everything to do with accomodation at the university of Birmingham. I will try and put links to different reviews and things that people have done in other threads, and place them in this first post....and if anyone posts anything else in this thread worthy of linkage I'll link that too!!

Any current students who have pictures of their accomodation, perhaps these could be posted too, or just a review of your halls, so that all those prospective students have perhaps a little better idea of whats on offer and what to expect!!

I've grouped the accomodation below into The Vale, Prichatts Park and Other. The Vale is about a 15-25 minute walk from Uni (depending which bit of it you are on) and is lovely and green with trees and a lake!! It's focussed around Shackleton really as there is a little shop there and also a couple of bars and things, so a lot of people tend to go there for the odd evening out. Prichatts Park is about 15-20 minutes walk from Uni just in a different direction from The Vale!!

General Accomodation Things
Undergraduate Housing (Uni Website)

Catered Halls

The Vale
Chamberlain Hall (Uni Website)
Mason Hall (Uni Website)
Shackleton (Uni Website)

Prichatts Park Village

Manor House (Uni Website)

Self-Catered Flats

The Vale
Elgar Court (Uni Website)
Maple Bank (Uni Website) (Pictures 1) (Pictures 2) (Pictures 3)
Aitken Wing (Uni Website)

Prichatts Park Village
Ashcroft (Uni Website) (Opinion 1)
The Spinney (Uni Website)
Prichatts House (Uni Website)

Tennis Courts (Uni Website) (Opinion 1)
The Beeches (Uni Website)
Hunter Court (Uni Website)
Jarrat Hall (Uni Website)
Queens Hostpital Close (Uni Website)
Douper Hall (Uni Website)

Ruthie xx
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thats a brainwave. it wud help ppl like me'l students who dont get to attend the open days. way to go ruth!!!
University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
Reply 2
Just been told my grandparents want to pay for my accomm... was expecting to live at home cause i couldn't afford it... now what the hell do i do?? i would love to live out... but i don't want to take the money off them.... and i haven't even looked at the accommodation!
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I am in Tennis Courts which i think overall is good accomadation. Nicely situated next to Vale but closer to uni than the other halls and flats on the vale. The blocks are quite nice with some recently been done up nicely. Also there are free squash courts which you can use anytime however you do have to get the key from Shackleton which can be annoying if you only have time for a quick game. However i am on centre court which i find is quite annoying because people tend to congregate in it after night outs and during exams the lack of sleep because of this is rather irritating.
Refurbished Maple Bank Pictures Page 1 :smile:

My lovely room, apologies for the mess and washing hanging everywhere!! The bedrooms in Maple Bank are a good size, the desks are great and so are the shelves!!
Page 2 :smile:

Bathrooms and kitchens shared between 5. There is a separate loo and also a toilet, shower and sink in the main bathroom. This is a great improvement on before, when there was only one toilet!
Page 3 :smile:

Kitchen shared between 5 again. It's much better now they've redone it, as there is a sofa and some seating as well as a breakfast bar if you want to eat at it. The only thing is that the cupboards are quite small, but we've managed ok! Also, there are 2 fridges and a huge freezer, which is very useful!
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ruthie....u rock babe! Pretty decent snaps...and also gives me the feeling that i'm gonna be living in a shoe!!! The snap of the corridor...looks like a slave ship....i dont think two ppl can go beside one another ...unless one gets squished!!! Anyways ...its gonna be fun! Any other pics ruth ?? How abt ...some of you in the city?
Reply 8
Thanx Ruthie!Maple bank actually looks really nice, good value for money really.
Reply 9
I live in Ashcroft, self-catered Pritchatts Park unfortunately you can't look at our MSN groups website otherwise you'd see our social centre and the fun things we get up to!

It's a lie, it doesn't take 15-20 minutes to get to campus from Pritchatts Park, 10 minutes tops unless you stop to talk to somebody on the way and have a cup of tea while you're at it! You could run the best part of the way there in 5 minutes. (Tried and tested heehee)

For those that don't know, the Social Centre is the location of our Reception, Post Box, licensed Bar, Launderette, games/tv room. The only thing we don't have is a cash machine alas!

I haven't got major pictures of my accommodation you'll have to come round but I have some...

It will only let me upload a pathetic picture of the Social Centre, if you really want to see stuff PM and I'll do something more useful.
Can some please help me, can some tell me about elgar court or has any one got any pictures.
Reply 11
Hi people, comin in for Human centred systems in Sep. Been considering the university owned accomodation. Does anyone know where the ALTA are in selly oak, how good they are and how far from uni...........
Reply 12
Can some please help me, can some tell me about elgar court or has any one got any pictures.

I visited elgar court and it is fantastic, I wrote it down as my first choice. All the rooms are en-suite, and each flat has a really big lounge/dining/kitchen area, much bigger than any of the other flats I saw on the vale. I realy hope tis is where I end up as it is lovely!
Reply 13
I've just got confirmation of my place in the Beeches, which is what I was looking for! the cheapest of course!! But if anyone has anything useful to say on the place, let me know! Just dont go making me regret my choice of accomodation completely!!

If anyone else knows if they are at the Beeches, then let me know also!

As for what I know about the beeches already -
My buddy I met in reading festival stayed in beeches and says it was good fun, if you have a nice other 4 people with you, the joint lounge can be a good social place like! And hey, as I mentioned - its the cheapest, and self catered which is important to me!
Reply 14
How come your confirmation has come through already? I'm waiting on results....?
Reply 15
i took a gap eyar to travel a bit, so i had my grades already, and so could have an unconditional offer with birmingham. so that is how i have my accomodation already my friend
Reply 16
I also got my accomodation this week. It is in Elgar Court where I was hoping for.
Reply 17
lol everyone in elgar court. well fine. i'll party on my damn lonesome!! hehe!

...prob just coz i have no money and going for the cheapest accom :biggrin:
Reply 18
Hey,got my accom thro,i got elgar,yeh!! Whats it like? ANy1 have any pics or info? Or ne1 gona be livin there this year? Also how do u kno wot floor ur on? are the flats mixed? i did hear they were single sex. Hope evyr1 gets wot accom they want!
Reply 19
im probably being a bit slow, but i´m abroad right now and feel al detached from the ongoings.. so once you get a place acceptance, how do you sort out accommodation? (i.e. will i need to call up again to confirm im going or find some more forms to send off) or do they just do it for you.

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