Should i go to university or take an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships can create fantastic opportunities which offer work experience, a working salary and an industry recognised qualification. However, up against university degrees and purchasable courses by small businesses, what is the best option for you?

The following examples are just a few of the opportunities available through apprenticeships - to see the wide range of ALL opportunities - check this website - OR this website - and search on 'apprenticeships'

Becoming an Electrician

The best route to take for an electrician can be an apprenticeship or training course. They offer working experience which is vital for the profession and gaining future work. It may be beneficial to take electrical engineering at A-level in order to obtain a better chance at an apprenticeship. However, very little experience is required to take part in adult courses. The only difference is an apprenticeship in the industry will make you a fully-qualified industrial, commercial and domestic electrician. Adult courses will only give you a qualification to become a domestic electrician.

Becoming TV/Filmmaker

The film and media industry are an ever growing industry, which gets more popular by the year. There is an expected sector growth of 3.1% in the industry over 2012-2016 to a value of £63 billion. You don NOT need a University degree to work in this area.

You need relevant experience the practical nature of making film. If you leave college with A levels in film and media looking for an apprenticeship, you have limited chances of being accepted by employers compared to those who have more experience.

With film and media it’s not all about what you should do, but more about what you shouldn’t do. There is a great article called ‘8 Mistakes Filmmakers Make – That Kill Their Career’.

Check out this advice page from the BBC - OR this jobs webboard -

Don’t rush into something you might regret

Some very good advice for everyone stressed over this subject is to give it time. If you are not 100% sure about going to university, then don’t go, take a gap year and get some work experience, go travelling, get a temporary job until you definitely know what you want to do, as it’s a huge commitment.

If you are unsure whether to take an apprenticeship in area profession that also has a good university degree option, then you should visit some universities and also talk to some apprenticeship companies asking for some advice, they should be happy to help.