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What is 'Reputation'?
The Reputation system on The Student Room enables members to give and receive reputation points for good posts or to thank a member for another reason. This can be done via two methods; personal reputation and post rating reputation.

This system has been developed after much discussion between the member base and the Community Team to incorporate the best aspects of two contrasting systems, making ours unique amongst internet forums.

Personal reputation
The intention of personal reputation is to thank or acknowledge a specific member for something they have done, rather than a post they may have made. You can only leave positive personal reputations. You may also leave a comment when giving personal reputation.

To give personal reputation, you simply need to navigate to your chosen user's profile and select the 'Give Rep' icon.

You will then be presented with a comments box to leave your message.

Post rating reputation
When browsing the forum, you will notice that you have the ability to give a 'thumbs up' to individual posts.

Once you have rated a post, your choice will be highlighted in green, like this.

Post ratings will give also indicate how many times a post has been rated by other members, for example:

What are reputation levels?
Each user will have their own reputation level, based on the number of ratings and personal reputations they've received. Your reputation level determines how much your rep is worth when giving it to other members.

Your reputation level equals your reputation points value. For example, if you have a reputation level of 4, the amount of reputation points given to another member will be 4.

Those with a reputation level of 0 or less will have no reputation power to give to others.

Reputation Level Reputation points required

What are rep' gems?
Reputation gems are those shown on each post that show the level of reputation a user has. Each gem indicates a level. So for example, the user below has a reputation level of 2.

Subscribers are able to hide their reputation gems, should they wish.

Is there a limit to the number of reputations I can give?

Registered members
Personal Reputation: 1 per day
Post rating Reputation: 5 per day

Personal Reputation: 1 per day
Post rating Reputation: 10 per day

For more information about becoming a subscriber, click here.

Where do I view my rep?
You are able to see the reputation you have received, as well as that which you have given under the 'My TSR' tab. These will be shown in Reputation received and Reputation given widgets. You can customise your widgets here.

Members are then able to see certain pieces of information, shown below:

Subscribers are shown the same information, as well as the numerical value and who gave the reputation, shown below:

For more information on becoming a subscriber, click here.

Does reputation stay with you forever?
Reputation will stay with members so long as they remain active. If a member has not logged in for over 100 days, their reputation will start to decrease.

Once a user has not logged in after 100 days, their reputation points will multiply by 0.98 each day giving a gradual decrease should the user not log in.

This is to ensure that only active members can hold high reputations.

What does red reputation mean?
In October 2013 we made a change to the site that meant only positive, thumbs up reputation could be given.

Before this, you used to be able to give a thumbs down, which would give members negative reputation. If the member received more negative reputation than positive, their reputation gems would then look like this...

... so while you might still find some members with red reputation gems, those that have joined since the change will not be able to get these colour gems.

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