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Hey guys

I picked NTU as my insurance choice months ago (the offer was for the course QV31 English and History).
However, I got into my first and firm choice Essex and due to UCAS the NTU application was set to 'unsuccessful'.

I thought it wouldn't be a big deal then leaving NTU behind, but I keep getting mails and letters from the NTU, saying that I have been accepted for the course Politics and International Relations- furthermore I have to pick my accomodation, enrol and all the stuff I have already done at Essex.
I wrote an email to 'James Smith' (whoever that is, I got a mail from him: "Your induction pack" ) that I have turned NTU down but I keep getting those mails.

What am I supposed to do? I though when you get into the firm choice, the insurance is automatically turned down; so I didn't take any further actions. My UCAS application status says "Congratulations, you have been accepted blabla.." so I'm not into clearing or something :confused:

Any advice who I should contact here?
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I keep getting emails from derby uni even though I picked them as one of my five but not insurance, although your emails do seem more personal. Scroll down to the bottom of the email to see if there are any 'unsubscribe from these emails' link, if not, ring NTU admissions and explain the situation again, as sometimes if you replied to an email sent to you, they may not be read as it sometime says in small print, whereas if you contact them directly they will take notice

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