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I feel so empty inside....:( watch

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    (Original post by EskimoJo)
    Eat? :lolwut:

    I'm really sorry. I couldn't help myself! I'm reading the OP now in view of giving a sensible reply.
    Ha, I bet you didn't even read it.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Ha, I bet you didn't even read it.
    I forgot! :o:
    Well, I did just now and I don't know what to say. What made you want to do the course in the first place? Do you enjoy placements and dislike book-work?
    As for the friend and boyfriend, maybe some catch up weekends e.g. with V-day coming up, a weekend break with the boyf would be nice, especially at a new place or doing something new together, so it's not repetitive and stale. At some other time, go stay with your best friend for the weekend, even if s/he lives in the same city. Catch up and get closer.
    Don't worry about your parents. If they've been together a long time, they will have had tough times that you probably don't even know about. They will most likely get through it, but regardless, they will do what's best for each other and for you.

    Good luck with it all. :hugs:

    (Original post by I'm A Procrastinator :()
    Your problems are minor. Get over yourself.
    So where do we draw the line below which people aren't allowed to talk about their problems? I suffer with severe clinical depression and twice in my life I've attempted suicide, the first time I took enough but I was just lucky - I couldn't walk and blacked out from pain, I also got drug induced psychosis and for 3 months I would hear my parents arguing, which would always end in my dad hitting my mum - it was a hallucination, it wasn't really happening but it was none the less distressing (I cured myself using citalopram). The second time I got the dose wrong thankfully, I felt so bad and didn't want to screw it up so I decided on a long painful death from liver failure because it was a sure way to definitely die, I knew what to expect but it still seemed better. Luckily I only caused minor liver damage and I've recovered fine.
    I started myself on anti-depressants (citalopram) that we had left over in the medicine box and a week later I went to the doctor and got my own prescription. I decided that I'd be sure to get treatment whenever I got past a certain point. I have damage to the vestibulo-kocklear nerve in my inner ear so I'm perminently dizzy like I've drank 10 pints without any of the good part, my stomach burns intensely and I have to be on omeprazole for that and due to anxiety recently I've had intense itching all over with no rash, antihistamines don't help it, anaesthetic cream doesn't help it - nothing helps it.
    On top of that my brother has a seriously bad case of Crohn's Disease, and the steroids they've given him to try to get it under control have made his blood pressure dangerously high (190/115), he has lost so much blood that his veins collapsed because of it and as a result suffers with awful depression, and I can't do anything to help him, I have to watch him suffer like that and know how horribly depressed he must be. My mum has a heart problem and I'm scared that the stress my sister puts her under and the worry of for my brother might cause her to have a heart attack.

    I should talk to people about it, to help relieve the stress - but I just keep a happy smiling face on for my mum and do my best to cheer her up, but inside I'm hurting horribly. So you could say that I could easily judge this girl's problems as minor, but I still think she should be able to talk about it - bottling things up just makes you unhappy, if talking to someone helps make you feel even a little bit better then you should do it. Even if it is a minor problem!
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