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Childcare farm

So childcare on a farm they use compostable toilets and these are tipped into buckets next to the loo. These buckets after a week (mon-Fri) are then taken by workers with urine and faeces from children and emptied into a big compost pile. Sometimes longer than mon-Fri. Now from my experience of working in healthcare there are soo many health risks here. Doesn’t seem to be much battering an eye to the health risks of the nursery staff or children. The buckets are easily accessible to the children. Is there any regulation for this as I feel I need to raise it higher but need further information to stop this and prevent people getting sick. These buckets aren’t cleaned just emptied and put back by each outdoor loo.
To add there is no sink just bucket soapy water for them. Parents are worried and I have even warned people I know who are sending their children in future to maybe hold back till they get proper facilities or safe compostable toilets and a tank for a sink to wash hands
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