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Hi all!

I realise it seems early to be talking about applying in 2014 when it's a year away but I really need to set my mind clear on one or the other so I can gain lots of work experience, know my target grades ect.

So I've always want to do some sort of medicine (since forever!) and I've been tied between the two since I started thinking about university.
I'm studying biology chemistry psychology and English lit at the minute and predicted 4 A's at as (A* in extended project), and I got 8A's and 1A* at GCSE (not the best I know)

The problem is I need to start gaining work experience I have lots already in the animal/vet area such as farms/stables/Cattery's and then I'm also just about to start at a care home. I love both people and animals and I just don't know which way to go.

If anyone is either a vet or med student could you please give me any advice to discourage or encourage me about the courses and the pros/cons. I know doctors earn a lot more but then there is the added pressure and longer training once you grad.

Also if anyone has any tips on what looks good at certain unis that would be much appreciated!

Apologies for the essay!

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Given that you already have a lot of experience working with animals, I'd suggest that you get some medicine-related work experience (not just in a care home), and see which you prefer. Chances are that'll be enough to help you make your mind up.

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