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    These are the stuffs I can come up with uptill now.
    Please tell me what I've left out and I would edit it.


    Acne/cleansing wash and acne cream (Uni could be very stressful)
    Alarm clock: This very important! (Choose one that could wake you up, if you’re phone could wake you up, then no need)
    Alcoholic drinks if you would like to drink
    Allergy medicine: Claritin or Benadryl or other anti-histamine
    Anti-Itch cream: for bug bites (also good if you’re going to do road-trips off campus to mountains/lakes on weekends etc)

    Backpack/messenger bag
    Balls: Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseballs, tennis balls
    Batteries (Bring at least a pack of 4 AAs and AAAs)
    Bandages and band-aids: for sprains and cuts
    Bicycle, helmet, LOCK
    Bins or boxes for storing papers/folders
    Blanket: fleece or thermal
    Body lotion
    Bookcase: find a slim, tall bookcase if you're pressed for space. Its good for organizing text and literary books; of course you can store anything on it-- from food to board games to boxes of cleaning supplies. Great storage. If its a shorter bookcase, you can put decorations atop it-- pictures, a vase etc.
    Bottle opener
    Broom or short-handled brush with dustpan (if you don't care for vacuums or Swiffers)
    Brush: get a good scrubbing one for cleaning grout/tough stains
    Bucket: get a sturdy one for use in cleaning/mopping
    Bug spray (to keep your skin from those awful mosquitoes etc)
    Bulletin board with pins

    Cable/wiring organiser: for your computer wires
    Calendar: to keep track of the date and days; dry-erase calendars are awesome for scrawling in important events and then erasing for the next month
    Calculator or graphing calculator
    Camera -- at least a disposable one
    Can opener (lets face it you’re going to eat many canned food)
    Cereals, cereals, cereals
    Chair: a comfortable one, not a desk chair, but more of a reading/relaxing seat. Try the:
    a) butterfly chair OR
    b) Egg chair OR
    c) the classic beanbag
    Charger: for mobile phones and other devices
    Chair cushion: if you don't want to bring or buy a desk chair, buy an attractive seat cushion for the chair that the uni store provides
    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are amazing, easy to use and leave a good scent
    Coffee machine
    Cold and cough medicine: Robitussin/Dimetap
    Colored markers and colored pencils
    Comb or hairbrush
    Computer-- Laptop or Desktop
    Computer cables
    Conditioner (hair)
    Condoms/birth control pills/contraceptives etc.
    Contact lens case
    Contact lens solution
    Containers: small plastic or mesh containers for small accessories (paperclips/tape/white-out/jewellery/makeup)
    Cooking pans and pots
    Cordless Phone and/or Cell Phone: very important!
    Correspondence: Various cards or letter paper, for birthdays or congratulations etc
    Cough drops/lozenges
    Cotton balls: many uses, including for applying/wiping off make-up, applying antiseptics to cuts and wounds
    Cotton facial pads: for applying or removing foundation and other make-up, also for applying facial lotions, toners and astringents
    Curling iron (hair)
    Curtains: if your dorm room doesn't provide curtains, an attractive set of curtains can help bring color and life to your room

    Day planner, dayrunrer, agenda etc (planning your day is very important)
    Decorators Lamps: these are pretty, inexpensive ways to light up your room and add color and the ubiquitous
    Deodorant (cant forget that!)
    Desk chair-- Rooms provide a desk chair, but it often isnt as nice as the one you probably have at home. A good desk chair that swivels and is on wheels is great
    Desk lamp: many stores sell extremely inexpensive and colorful desk lamps, but the more expensive ones are worth it too
    Desk organizers
    Dish bin to carry any plates/flatware etc to dorm sink
    Dish detergent
    Dry-erase markers
    Drying rack (for wet laundry-- dryers are often all occupied by the time your clothes are clean from the washing machine, so a drying rack might be helpful)

    Eating Utensils: inexpensive utensils OR disposable plastic utensils will do: packs of disposable OR two to four inexpensive sets of knives, spoons, forks, cups, mugs, plates, bowls
    Eggshell pad or mattress pad or mattress foam
    Electric lights: like Christmas lights you put on your tree or around your house-- small strings of white-light bulbs can be lovely strung around the edges of your ceiling
    Erasers (Staedtler erasers are amazing)
    Eye drops
    Extension cords

    Fabric softener for the dryer
    Facial lotion (especially if youre in a colder climate and your skin will tend to dry out more easily)
    Favorites books
    Febreze: excellent to temporarily rid clothes (and blankets, pillows, etc) from odors
    Files and expandable filing folders
    Folders-- with pockets and three-prongs
    Folding chairs/tail-gaiting chairs/folding lawn chairs-- any easy, folding chair that you can quickly prop open for guests or haul down to the game for tail-gaiting is a plus
    Footstool (if youre vertically challenged)
    Foreman Grill
    Fragrance: perfume or cologne, or body sprays
    Fruit: apples, bananas
    Fruit juices-- orange, apple, grape, tomato

    Gatorade and other sports/electrolyte drinks
    Granola bars, Nutri-Grain bars

    Hair dryer
    Hairbands/hair pins for ladies
    Hairspray/sculpting cream
    Hand and feet cream (Neutrogena makes the effective and inexpensive Norwegian formula )
    Headphones-- very important-- both to block out annoying sounds from your roommate
    Highlighters (bring at least 3 colors)
    Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

    Ironing board

    Kleenex or other facial tissue

    Laptops and desktops: for work/studying
    Laptop case
    Laundry basket: a lot of people prefer the sturdy plastic baskets to laundry bags. Can hold folded clothes better as well
    Laundry detergent
    Laundry Hamper or Bin: hampers are always useful; some of us use canvas bins with handles to toss wet towels and dirty clothes in; others have large mesh or canvas laundry bags (folding hampers are great if you need space)
    Lip balm
    Loofah/sponge or wash towel
    Lysol, especially the sprays and the all-purpose cleaners (though the scent is sometimes too strong)

    Make-up (a lot of more low-maintenance girls I know often just go with the basics-- foundation or tinted moisturizer for covering up flaws, mascara and lip gloss or a lipstick)
    Manila envelopes (for papers or reports that you dont want folded)
    Masking tape
    Minifridge or Microfridge (if your room allows it)
    Mints or minty gum
    Mirror-- a good mirror, from full length to vanity mirrors to overhang mirrors
    Mobile phone ( I think at least you won't forget this one :P)

    Mouse pad
    Multi-vitamins (especially vitamin C, when youre trying to keep your immune system up around cold season)
    Muscle Relief: Salonpas or Icy Hot Patches or Thermal Patches for aches
    Musical instrument/music books

    Nail clippers
    Nail file
    Nail polish remover
    Nightstand: if you've got room, nightstands are nice-- put a small lamp and your reading books atop it. Looks pretty and if it has drawers, it offers more storage space for whatever you'd like.

    Oxi-Clean gets rid of stains

    Pack of playing cards (Don’t gamble :P)
    Pain and fever relief-- Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen
    Paper towels
    Pencil case/container
    Pencil Sharpener
    Pens: regular blue, black and red; have at least one, nicer ball-point pen as well
    Photos and picture frames
    Pillows (bring your favourite one)
    Pine-Sol: the original scent is great, its good for floors
    Plants: IF you can take care of them. Theyre lovely and its nice to have some green in your small dorm room
    Plasti-tak or other mounting material that wont leave stains or holes on the walls
    Posters, of course
    Powder drink mixes: They are cheaper to buy than sodas, and all you need is a large pitcher of water and a spoon. Powdered lemonade and Kool-Aid are cheap and easy to make.
    Power strips (because youll only have so many electrical outlets)
    Printer Paper (white)

    Q-Tips: tons of uses-- for cleaning the insides of your ears, for applying or removing make-up, etc

    Ramen/Cup Noodles (of course)
    Razor, shaving cream and aftershave for males
    Religious texts: if youre religious, bring your Bible or Koran or Torah etc.
    Reusable water bottles, like Nalgene bottles
    Roller-skates or ice-skates
    Rolls of coins or your laundry card
    Rubber bands
    Rug!: to add attractiveness to the bare tile or wood floor of your room-- and keep your feet warm when you slip out of bed winter mornings
    Rice cooker (most asians would need it)
    Safe or lockbox for valuab es: jewelry, watches, etc-- actually, any box with a lid will do to store your valuables in, just as long as you dont leave your bracelets, watches, rings etc lying around
    Sewing kit
    Shampoo (if preferred, you can pour your shampoo or conditioner in small plastic bottles with flip tops-- see Container Store-- to save space in your shower tote)

    Sharpies or any other permanent marker (thick and thin)
    Shaving lotion, gel or body wash for shaving
    Shaving razor
    Sheets: at least two and preferably three different sets of sheets for your bed, often uni beds are extra-long twin size
    Shower caddy/tote: should have a hole or holes in the bottom, for drainage
    Shower shoes (flip-flops, as you don’t want to get a fungus toe infection)
    Small pair of nose hair scissors (gross, I know, but for any overgrown hairs from your nose)
    Snapple/other tea brands
    Soap or body wash
    Soap container: itd be best to have a container for it, so the other items in your tote wont get soppy and sticky. Bed Bath and Beyond has some handy plastic soap cases with latches
    Sofa or armchair: if you can fit at least a small one into your room, go for it!
    Soup: Campbells makes microwavable soups
    Spiral notebooks
    Sponge: get one for cleaning dishes, another for cleaning your dorm/bathroom
    Spray bottles, clear: for various uses-- holding cleaning fluid
    Stapler and staples
    Steamer or Footlocker: these are more expensive, but theyre usually attractive and add character to the room. You can store extra blankets or out of season clothes in them. If you have room, they look good at the base of a bed. You could also sit on it or store books or knickknacks atop it.
    Stomach Relief: Ah, Pepto Bismol.
    Straightening iron (hair)
    Suntan lotion
    Swiffer Dry: extremely easy to use, quick and easy to clean (just dispose of the cloth after use; hard to pick up more than lint and hair, however
    Swiffer Duster: excellent and easy to hold and maintain
    Swiffer Wet: use like a mop, very easy to use and leaves a great fresh scent
    Swim goggles

    Tablet computer
    Tape measurer
    Tape dispenser and clear tape refills
    Tapestries: hang them up on the wall, above your bed, etc
    Three-hole punch adapter
    Toaster oven
    Toothbrush case: Bed Bath and Beyond has a great little plastic toothbrush container with a latch, so the bristles of your toothbrush dont get all gross jumbled next to everything else in your shower tote or caddy
    Towels (at least two sets each of bath towel, hand towel, face towel etc)
    Trash Can
    Tree Floor Lamp: these are good because you can use one lighting source to illuminate different parts of your room-- in a tiny room, one light can be aimed at your desk, the other at your bed while you read, the other at the ceiling. They range from inexpensive and colorful to more polished

    Umbrella- a good, sturdy one

    Vacuum: any slim, lightweight one will do. It doesnt need to be an expensive, bulky vacuum to get the job done.
    Vacuum: hand-sized, to clean up dust in corners, on desks etc…
    Vaseline: or petroleum jelly. Its oily and sticky, but if you don't have lotion or lip balm handy, a spot of Vaseline will do it.
    Video game console
    Video games
    Vicks Vapo Rub: I always put this on my chest and throat when Im sick
    Vitamin C: to keep up your immune system during cold season
    Vitamin E: this comes in two forms-- one is in a gel-like pill, the other is in a small glass jar. The ingestion of vitamin E is supposed to soften your skin, strengthen your hair. The vitamin E in a jar-- vitamin E oil-- is often put on scars or stretch marks to advance healing and lighten the scar
    Vitamin D/Oscal: to keep your bones strong

    Washcloths or washrags: use old ones for rinsing or drying dishes, and cleaning floors
    Water bottles
    Water filter pitcher and replaceable filters
    Water pitcher: a regular one, if you don't want filtered
    Waterless hand sanitiser
    Whiteboard with dry-erase markers (lots of people hang these outside their rooms so friends can leave messages)
    White-out or correctional fluid (I prefer the rolling, tape-dispenser-like white-out)
    Windex or other window cleaner; the wipes are especially handy
    Writing Basics: a writing style book, a dictionary, a thesaurus

    You won't even need half the stuff on that list. Just think of stuff you will need, write it down. It really isn't hard!

    Also, this:


    Maybe bedding

What's the best type of cheese?

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