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Is it just me or is the fact that you study A levels makes your whole family think your going to university. Take my situation for example, and this is completely true:

Did well in GCSE and most of my friends were staying on to do A levels so I went along and did them too. Studies A level Physics, Chemistry and Design and technology, with AS ICT and AS Maths.

By now after all my exams i'm sooooo tried of lessons, exams, teacher and learning. 13 years of it!!!!

And now every single member of my family just thinks i'm going to uni when I just want to rest and relax. I would like a year out, but thats totally out the question, so i'm trapped.

What can I do? and is anyone else in this situation?
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u totally could take a gap yr, unis usually are really flexible and ur family will get over it; i told mine i was going to take one a month ago and they were cool with it

(ive since decided not too, cos im doing medicine, years of work, but thats not the point)

also u dont need ne money, u can get a job for half a yr then do fun stuff or u cud do a ski season (u dont hav to be qualyfied) and make loadsa dosh and hav loadsa fun!!!!

dont go to uni til ur ready, u wont get nearly as much out of it and u prob wont do as well

just do what ud enjoy

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