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eww the avatars look horrible!
I should fill out my blind date form at some point soon. I think I might keep an aspect from last year - what does it take to get you into bed? Sleeping pills and a winch system.

I would have done it by now too, but have just been overloaded with CUSU bureaucracy in the last week. I now haven't slept since Monday (with the exception of 30 minutes at 5 o' clock this morning) and I don't think I'll sleep tonight. This is obscene :frown:

I think I'll accept a date with anyone if it gets me out of the Playroom. I seem to spend faaar too much time in there.

Why oh why am I doing lighting? Oh yeah, because I enjoy it. Sometimes.
You sound desperate :wink:.
i can't do it! :frown: i have coursework which I have to to that evening. We have these 24 hour Construction coursework deadlines which are PURE EVIL! they give you the task, and then you have 24 hours to complete it, and we have them every other Tuesday. The next one is on the 7th. I wonder if I could do it on a different day?
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If anyone gets me in the blind date, it'll be a great insult to them. I tried to make it as bad as possible, and I was drunk when I filled it in, and I had some "tips" from friends.
Yay! First proper night out in aaaaages. Early afterwards was absolutely shocking, but it was soooooooo much fun :biggrin:
I had some "tips" from frieds.

You let greasy breakfast consumables help you with your form? :eek:
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scarlet ibis
You let greasy breakfast consumables help you with your form? :eek:

They had some good ideas, lol. That's an awful typo isn't it? And I can't even blame it on being drunk, I typed it at 4 in the afternoon.
Had a very very odd day.
Walked out in the middle of a lecture (a whole bunch of us did) because he was so UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL.
Went to library to get some work done, decided to have a look at TCS...found a whole page interview/artiicle about my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR (TCS Jan 26, he's the poet). Seems like the guy is FAMOUS. Oh dear god, yesterday I asked him when the garbage truck would be coming. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHH :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
...And I've flirted (very badly) with him :eek: oh god.

EDIT: did I mention that was given the fact he's not single?
AND I was called a chav today. Coz I wear a furry coat and apparently my bag is chavvish.

Thankees amby :biggrin:
And I fell down the stairs today
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and you've excessively increased your post count in a single thread!
Yeah, I can't seem to merge my posts anymore :confused:
844 pages to date. Holy sweet Jesus.
Yeah, I can't seem to merge my posts anymore :confused:

Change it in your user CP.:yy:
And I fell down the stairs today

sounds like one hell of a crazy day! what happened to the smiley avatar?
I tried to resize it to 50x50 pixels but lost it and I don't have it saved on my computer, so I'm avatar-less now :frown: :frown:
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844 pages to date. Holy sweet Jesus.

It was around 1050 before the update.