[University Level] Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Law

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I have comprised together 3 documents, one for each module I am studying in my Industrial Economics course at The University of Nottingham, to help anyone ace these modules or be familiar with the content inside these modules.

A link to my profile is here: https://www.stuvia.co.uk/profile/rossbateman

The Microeconomics Module Document has all the basics of Microeconomics for study at university level, or even A-Level, consisting of diagrams, colour coding and definitions, all the important stuff, for the following topics:
- Demand & Supply
- Elasticities & Efficiency
- Government Intervention
- Production & Costs
- Market Structures: Perfect & Monopolistic Competition
- Monopoly
- Price Discrimination
- Oligopoly
- Game Theory
Link to the document is here: https://www.stuvia.co.uk/doc/284323

The Macroeconomics Module Document has all the aspects covered for Macroeconomics, both at A-Level and the University level this was initially created for, consisting of the following topics:
- The National Economy
- Money & Interest Rates
- Unemployment & Inflation
- Balance of Payments
- Exchange Rates
- Macroeconomic Policy
Link to the document is here: https://www.stuvia.co.uk/doc/284318

The Business Law Module Document (spent the most time on), covers contract law, very basic employment law and basic tort of negligence for defective products. This has all the relevant cases needed to backup topics, with brief explanations for each one, and is colour coded making for a very good revision resource, highly recommened!
Link to the document is here: https://www.stuvia.co.uk/doc/284316

Many thanks, enjoy the resources,


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