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I do french and german, currently in year 12 and I would like to know if there is anything I could do to really improve and become more fluent in both languages so I see a huge difference when I return in year 13 for my final alevels.
Holidays to those countries or work experience will not be available and I plan to read a few books etc.
How much will I need to do to really see a difference and become fluent?
Thank you
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What I do is just try and use French and German in my head as much as possible.

So translate English song lyrics, translate people speaking English in your head the whole time. Try to talk and think to yourself in French and German as much as possible. That way you will be able to become much more fluent as a speaker as your brain gets used to being able to use vocab and grammar really quickly.

This is especially important in German, when you almost need to train your brain to getting used to putting the verb second or putting the infinitive / past participle at the end of the sentence etc. This ONLY comes with as much practice as possible.

Obviously TV shows and movies are a good way to pick up random bits of vocab but mainly for getting your brain into French or German "mode" (in terms of trying to think in the language). Idk what you're interested in but I'm sure you will find something. I'm happy also to offer book or movie recommendations!

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