We have no running water in our accomodation

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It has been several days now and we have no running water still.

It's so disgusting! We are in a global pandemic where we can't even use our own taps to wash our hands! Some people are also self-isolating so they can't even use someone else's shower. It has really been such a struggle and has caused so much stress, especially considering the price we are paying per week when we are students.

A lot of people can't even wash their dishes and some people's toilets won't even flush. The washing machines also don't work but have charged people still, which causes even more stress for the people who have tested positive as they are unable to disinfect their rooms.

The water isn't coming at all except for a few minutes a day but it isn't enough to complete basic day to day tasks. And for some people, their rooms have been flooded so badly that the water has even completely covered the floor of the corridors.

We are university students. We all have to complete work for our courses and maybe even juggle a job on top of that. For most of us it is difficult enough having to teach ourselves in our accommodation and now many of us are having to clean this mess, which will take all day. Time that we don't have for a mess that we didn't even create.

We haven't just done nothing, we have all sent several emails per day and have called Unite and complained to reception, all to no avail. They don't even know what the issue is yet even though is has been days and then after that they will still have to take time to repair the problem.

Next Thursday we are going into a tier 3 lockdown. I am so stressed and feel miserable. It is already so hard enough being stuck inside a tiny room with people you don't know and this is added to so much stress. I literally just want to do basic tasks like have a proper shower when I am paying for it.
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Sounds like they can't be bothered to fix this in a timely manner. Maybe you should find somewhere to complain to about the service and get them to take note of the incompetence. You shouldn't be laying however much to not have a basic essential, especially for this time, flowing properly. Disgraceful.
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You need to threaten them with legal action, even if you don't have legal representation it is the fastest way to get landlords to act on their responsibilities.

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