How similar is Exeter to its stereotype?

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Or is it completely different?
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(Original post by Anonymous)
Or is it completely different?
Hello Anoymous,

We do have a reputation for being posh- admittedly we do have a higher proportion of students from independent schools and fewer BAME students than some other universities, but we still have a diverse student community. We have student from 130 countries and a whole host of different backgrounds. Through our societies you can see the variety of interests our students have, and these are a great way to find people with similar interests to you. A full list of societies for our Exeter Campuses can be found here and for our Penryn Campus here.

I appreciate a member of staff telling you this is not that helpful so I would recommend using our ask a current student messaging service to speak to current students and ask them for their opinions. I am sure they will provide an honest reflection on their experience. I would reccomend visiting to see what you think of our campuses.

University of Exeter Student Recruitment Team

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