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Nottingham vs Exeter

Hello, I am writing to see if anyone can help me with this decision of choosing between university of Exeter or Nottingham. Both are really good unis and I will be studying Geography BA and both grades are AAB. Both my brothers went to Exeter, one to also study geography and they both loved it. I have also visited many times and so I know what to expect, and it feels like a lovely place to live for 3 years, my only concern is the 'tory' stereotype which I most certainly do not fit into, im just from the south east. And also nightlife apparently isn't too good. Needless to say I've never been in a club before (17). But it is by the sea which is a big pro. Nottingham feels exciting when I visited, it also has a good night life and the campus is beautiful and the course is very good. However I did feel slightly unsafe when visiting due to the amount of police about (who also blocked the entrance to the resturant we were in). Both uni courses are great, so please help me out with your experiences and views! - Thanks!!!!

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