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weirded "relationship" ever

I met this girl on bumble and we were intimate through a 2 night stand. However, i would often message her and she would reply + facetime together. I thought we had somewhat of a connection until she mentioned that she hooked up with other guys which made me upset but i ended up shrugging it off since she said we never agreed we were dating. Eventually we keep talking and she says shes very upset so i give her some space and send her a stuffed animal gift to cheer her up. I really wanted to see her open the gift but she kept saying she was busy until she eventually said she feels a lot of pressure that she has to force herself to be with me despite not wanting to date anyone -- basically downgrading me to a friend and saying we shouldn't talk much.

I got pretty mad and told that i wont bother her to which she said shes sorry and she will talk to me but as a friend. We keep talking somewhat normally but i feel shes dry so i tell her i feel like im boring her and maybe we can talk a different time to which she doesnt reply. I apologize (not sure why) and she says its ok.

The weird part:
I deactivate my instagram to give us both some space (we talked on instagram dm). 3 days later she blocks me on linkedin and 2 days after she blocks me on duolingo (which i rarely use). i text her to find out whats happening and she immediately blocks me there too. Super confused i resort to groupme to which she said she doesnt want to talk anymore and will be blocking me on groupme and that its very creepy that im finding ways to message her.

Im very confused and sad because i did a lot of things for her and always accepted her apologies (she said a lot of messed up stuff to me). Now she randomly deletes me from her life without explanation. Thoughts?
She doesn't want to be friends or have any contact with you.
Never interact with her again.

It is time to move on. :smile:
There are plenty of more compatible single girls in the dating sea.
Good luck!
This woman will give you STDs. Cut her off

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