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Hi guys, I am looking at the Uni of Essex for 2024, I like the look of it, can any students from the Uni Of Essex tell me what it's like and the accommodation, thank you!
Original post by jackdennis006
Hi guys, I am looking at the Uni of Essex for 2024, I like the look of it, can any students from the Uni Of Essex tell me what it's like and the accommodation, thank you!

Hey @jackdennis006

Sorry I missed your message, I can give you some info about Essex if you're still interested :smile:

Here's a link below for a virtual tour of the campus and accommodation. If you're looking for on-campus accommodation, I'd recommend South Courts as you're closest to the gym and sports centre. South Towers would be the cheaper option in that area.

Here's a colour coded map of the campus. The buildings in green are the main campus buildings split into squares 1-5 with the library and student centre on square 5
It's an interactive map so zoom in and tap on each building and it will give you the name so you can match it up with the University accommodation information from the website

At the cheaper end you have the Towers, there's a few of these right on campus, just a couple minutes walk from everything you have North towers (in blue) and a couple of towers in the south courts area (in pink on the map). There's a recent vlog on YouTube that gives an honest account of the facilities in one of the south tower blocks
Here's some older videos from the official Essex YouTube account on the different accommodations as well.

South Courts (in pink on the findyourway map) are close to the gym and sports facilities and there are different housing blocks within the complex. That's where the athlete village is too.
If you live on campus you have a silver gym membership included in your accommodation fees which gives you access to the gym and fitness classes at off-peak times before 3pm and any-time access to sports facilities, such as badminton, basketball and the climbing wall. For a one-off fee of £30 you can upgrade this to a gold membership (which is normally £100 per year). Here's a tour of the sports facilities:

The Colchester campus is located closer to Wivenhoe than the centre of Colchester but we're just a short bus journey from the centre of the town/city. Great transport links to London if you wanted to explore more of the country, Colchester North Station is on the London to Norwich train line and just an hour from London by train. Colchester Hythe is the closest train station to the University campus.

We're a campus university so everything is all on site, we have a shop, bars, restaurants and cafe's and our very own sub-zero nightclub run by the student union with theme nights all through the year. The library is open 24 hours a day. Lots of social and study spaces dotted around and each department has a common room usually with some comfy chairs and a quiet space to get to know people on your course and in your department. We've got some great green space by the lakes which have some really nice walks around the campus.
There's plenty of student union societies to join to find friends with common interests, and if you're into competitive sport we have the Essex Rebels basketball and volleyball teams as well as lots of other sporting clubs too.

Hope all this helps and gives you an idea of what life is like here at Essex :smile:

Best wishes
Essex Student Rep - Hayley
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