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French advise . -HELP

Hi all,
So my school has put me in higher French, despite getting a 2 in jan mocks. i have to memorise 90 oral questions ( have answers written out) for my oral exam in a few weeks time. This is really the only way for me to do it as I won’t be able to think of something on the spot. Im dyslexic and modern foreign languages just can not understand . I am told I really need to get a 6. Any advice and tips really appreciated. I also thought I would add my French is horrible across all areas writing, listening and reading. But my logic is if I memorise my orals then I will be fine for the writing
Edit - I do AQA exam board
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I'm also doing AQA French Higher and I got an 8 (somehow) on my last mock. My speaking exam is also in a few weeks so here's what I use to prepare: This course goes through ALL the vocab, you might not get through all of it, but definitely start with weak areas and jump around a bit. This free booklet contains sentence starters that you can memorise and build on for general conversation questions. The YouTube channel 'Learn French with Alexa' has great videos covering some Theme 1 topics but her videos are also great because she shows examples of good answers that you can definitely memorise and tweak to suit your topic. BBC Bitesize is so good for vocab and also grammar! They have reading, writing, speaking and listening activities for the topics to get extra practice.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your upcoming exam!
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