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cover psych syllabus p3 + p4 in a few days?

i’ve completed the syllabus for p1 and p2 for a level psychology
i haven’t started with p3 and p4, will i be able to cover it in a few days?
Hi @xoxolama

Congratulations on completing P1 and P2 of A-Level Psychology! :smile:

I would say it is a hard ask, to cover them in only a few days but the best advice I could give you, is to try get a basic overview understanding of all of the topics and then perhaps start answering exam questions or exam papers about those topics and refer to the answers and work on improving that way. Hopefully, you'll be able to focus on doing surface-level revision of the most important topics!

Best of luck to you! :smile:

Second Year Psychology
University of Huddersfield

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