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Do UK University Students get discounted/free dental care ¿


I was wondering if the NHS offer any discounts when comes to dental care. I got my braces off just before covid so it was quite difficult to go to appointments- I’ve only been to 2 free ones since then. And I’ve noticed that one tooth has been twisting foward- to be honest, I told my orthodontist that I wasn’t ready to take off my brace as I thought this particular tooth was still not straight and they still did it anyways🥲 so I just went along with it. This tooth was very painful with the top retainer, I didn’t have it on for a while but I still keep wearing the bottom ones.

I’m currently on a Gap Year and although I’ve been working and saving money, orthodontics and dentists are expensive af 🥲 And I think with my current situation, I think i’ll need braces or some sort of appliance for a bit but it’s quite hefty on the bank account.

So I was wondering if University Students get discounts on dental care- I’ll go and pay for a consultation right now of course. But if Students do get a discount, I’ll wait until September to get treatment- as the twisted tooth isn’t really severe, in my eyes at least 🥲
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I think it depends where in the UK you are. In Scotland, if you're under 26 I think you should have access to free dental care. I'm not sure about the rest.
However, as taken straight from the NHS website:

"NHS orthodontic treatment is free for people under the age of 18 with a clear health need for treatment. But because of high demand, there can be a long waiting list.
Orthodontic treatment is not usually available on the NHS for adults. Most adults have private treatment.

If you do not qualify for free NHS treatment, or you do not want to wait for treatment to start, you may choose to have private treatment.
Private orthodontic treatment is widely available, but expensive. The fee can range from £2,000 to £6,000, depending on the complexity of the treatment and the type of appliances used, but fees can be higher.
After an initial assessment, a private orthodontist will talk to you about a possible treatment plan, how much it will cost and any alternative options you have."

If the dentist considers your request to be of a mostly aesthetic nature, and if no procedure is done it won't have a negative impact on your dental health, you would have to go private to get the issue addressed.
As someone who went this route, don't be put off enquiring at a private practice - it is expensive but I would avoid postal services like 'Smile Direct Club' because you won't have a dentist there with you in-person ensuring that things are progressing correctly.

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