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Reserve list - Ministry of Justice (MOJ) / Civil service

Hey guys!

I applied for a court clerk position in the crown courts in January 2023and did the whole process and interview (March- interview dates were two weeks long) and was told:

This vacancy attracted a number of highly qualified applicants and after careful consideration of all of the applications we are sorry to tell you that you have not been selected for appointment.

However, as you were a strong candidate we would like to keep your name on a reserve list. This list will be valid for 12 months from the date of this correspondence and if another vacancy arises for the same position we will contact you.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the reserve list? My score wasn’t the best but I did pass. I called up recruitment and asked if I was able to find out what number I am on the list and they said they stopped doing that and don’t disclose it anymore? but anywho, wondering if anyone who works in the civil service or had experience could help!

I really wanted this job so badly, was so gutted!
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In short, they'll call you if something comes up but don't wait on that ever being a thing.
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Anything come up since this post?
Anybody been on a 12 month waiting list with MOJ disclosure team
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Original post by picard1975
Anybody been on a 12 month waiting list with MOJ disclosure team

Nope, never been on a reserve list

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