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what age is adolescence?

as a 20 y/o I see myself as an adolescent and nowhere near do I feel "adult". apparently, adolescence ends at 18 but don't people mature until 25 or smth?
Adolescence is I think typically considered to be the period of puberty. You're well beyond that at 20.

You're at best a young adult (although even this is normally considered like, teenager), and realistically, in the UK both legally and socially/culturally you are considered a "full" adult.

But not feeling like that when you are 20 is pretty normal. I still feel like that a lot of the time and I'm well beyond 20!
The moment you start growing pubic hair
You're definitely not an adolescent, you're an adult.

However your inside doesn't really age a great deal once you're an adult. I couldn't tell you how old I feel. My body ages, and of course I gain wisdom through life experience as well as acquiring more responsibilities along the way, but I don't feel as though my soul has actually aged much otherwise.

My dad, at 74 years old, says he still feels like a young man in his mind. My granddad (his father) was the same.
Generally occurs during the period from puberty to adulthood.

Sometimes adolescence is divided up into 3 stages.
1) Early adolescence starting around 11 to 14 years old,
2) Middle adolescence from 15- 17,
3) Late adolescence from 18 - 21.

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