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3rd year still average 2:1?

Hi my second year of university is worth 25% towards my overall degree classification. I averaged 59.66% rounded that is to 60% is a 2:1. With my 6 90 credit modules at 69,65,65,62,55,42 respectively. My third and final year is worth 75%. My university which is university of Hertfordshire takes the best 3 90 credits to consideration. Based on a estimate/prediction in one module I believe I’ll get 70%, another really depends on how I perform in the end of unit module exam as the previous three assessments I got 67.5% (2:1) and then 40% in the other two leaving my then average before adding another 40% 52% although I need this module to be a 2:1 overall what do I need in the exam especially based on my current average taking into consideration those 3 assessments and lastly the third and final module I believe I have a average overall of 50%. Is that i.e a 1st, 2:1 and a 2:2 enough for a 2:1 overall and what would my year average come to. I have Two separate 15 credit modules one passed at 40% and the other to be taken at referral/deferral and I could get a maximum of 50-55% since I have a deferred exam which maybe useful since I can use that module to replace the 42% in level 5.

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