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How’s the view from your halls?

I was in Solent universitys Deanery halls in first year and could see the other block a wall a scrubby bit of grass a tree and a bit of the road TBF it wasn’t a great view.

Next i was in Berkeley Close I could see my back garden and it was always in shade from the trees but it was quite nice view really.

I went in to 30 Coventry road next I had a view over the load of roofs and again back a garden it was really nice in the sun and when it snowed.

I was also in Liberty Quays on the ground floor i could see the back of the compound i keeps my curtains closed so people couldn’t look in.

I don’t live in Southampton anymore (although I’d like to) so I feel pretty safe giving this information what is your view like?
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I stayed in halls only once, and it was the GAB in Oxon. I was right on the river, so my view from the window was trees, water, murder bridge, and the gated entrance (which would often be very noisy).

Later, my view was the river and a building site when they started the new build. I think that it remains unfinished, but I saw some of the issues they ran into just doing the footings, so I'm not too surprised.

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