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hi guys, i am creating a blog for myself and others who are currently studying a levels or who are self teaching them. i self study aqa sociology, aqa psychology and ocr religious studies.
i want to get into a psychology degree or mental or adult nursing degree depending on what i feel is suitable for me.
i will share with you what i study in my day and hope you enjoy!! <3

my aim for grades :
BBB... :redface:
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9:15 am - 10:20 am -
finished off the 'culture and identity' unit in sociology (AQA) and also done some revision on seneca :smile:
(i have 15 min breaks in between to keep myself focused and concentrated)
thennnn im planning on to
10:35 - 11:35 - redo my assignment in psychology with oxbridge home learning (AQA) because i have a refer grade :frown:. the unit for that is 'attachment'
11:50- 12:50- religion and ethics chapter 2 work from the textbook
12:50- 1:15 - lunch
1:15- 2:00 - small dog walk (will listen to a psychology memory unit podcast)
then at 2 i need to get ready for work :frown: (bus journey will be listening to psychology attachment unit podcast)
so today my study isn't so great so if im not tired i may complete some seneca revision on religious language in philosophy and ethics from about 10:30 - 11:00 pm

about 4 hours / 4 hours 30 mins
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sorry i haven’t updated you guys !! but ill update you for today

1 hour - blurt revision technique on plato in religious studies
1 hour - blurt revision on compliance in psychology
1 hour - blurt revision on hidden curriculum in schools in sociology

now i’m currently going to do:
1 hr on blurting internalisation in psychology
1 hour on seneca for religious studies
1 hour on seneca for sociology
How is this going for you? I’m going to attempt to self study psychology in one year

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