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retaking year 12

I am currently in year 12. all was going well until my health rapidly declined (a new diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment). I was unable to attend as much as I would have liked to and now my attendance is poor. This has affected my grades and I feel I won't be able to keep up moving straight onto year 13. If I retake year 12 will it damage my chances of university. I want to study computer science in uni.
you could go forward with the rest of sixth form and make sure you reference the medical circumstances in your extenuating circumstances section/your reference so that unis can take it into account when looking at your application. however retaking year 12 wouldn't damage your chances that much to be honest, especially considering you have very concrete reasons for having to retake. if you know which universities you want to apply to, give the admissions team a call and explain your circumstances clearly and they will be able to give you advice. similarly, i'd have a chat with your head of sixth form so that they can help weigh up your options. personally, if i were you, i'd retake to get better grades overall but don't make any decisions before fully informing yourself about the pros and cons of each option
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If your UCAS referee explains the 3-year A levels, or better still sends a mitigating circumstances letter to each of your chosen Unis, it won't be an issue.

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