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Bronze dofe

I was wondering whether fro bronze dofe i could just poop in a bush because you pee in a bush. Also should i bring my own bowl/plate for food. And what is the best 2l water bottle to get?
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Yes but stay away from water (lakes, streams, rivers, ponds) Your poop can be very infectious. Don't forget poo roll or biodegradable tissues. Dig a deep hole, poo in it. Then bury your poo and your tissue.

Wash your hands with soap and water afterwards (you can get soap film sheets which weigh next to nothing) or a micro hand sanitiser. Keep weight down - a bowl will cover nearly every single use. An empty cola or pet bottle will be ok if water sourcing is difficult. Carry a second 500ml bottle for easy access on trail.

Try to make sure everything you carry has more than one use. That way you save weight and travel light.

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