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Computer Science final year project ideas, in Domain of Data Science

Hey guys!
I am majoring in computer science and have to collect some ideas for my final year project in the domain of data science mainly. Can anyone please help me find some innovative and unique FYP ideas if Data Science please?
I suggest scraping your own data from the web (so its primary data) and working off that. How about a really neat Dashboard that scrapes the student room for polls relating to exams and summarises the information for each topic/ exam board. It could output to a custom Dashboard or excel file or something else (it's really simple too). The great thing is you can expand this over different exam years/retakes etc to find trends in whether students are finding exams increasingly harder or less hard etc... COVID should provide several anomalies too (checks a box I guess). Nonetheless remember you don't gather data and look for something in specific; you gather data and look for patterns with an open mind. Hope this helps :smile:
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