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How to write a Dissertation

A dissertation is a proof of mastery in your line of study and if not written well might cause doubt as to your ability in the course.

Here are simple steps you can apply in writing your dissertation.


1. You should first know the number of chapters you’re required to write and restrict yourself to that. If not provided, I suggest you confine yourself to just 5 chapters.


2. Know what your topic is about. Read about it very well to understand what you are required to write.


3. In the chapters you are to write on(using 5 chapters for instance), first outline the heading for every chapter. A good dissertation should have:

An abstract - which is a summary of what your topic is about. Abstract is the gateway to your work. Your abstract determines if your work is worth reading or not. It has to be comprehensive.

Table of content - here you list the content of your work and the chapters, stating their headings.

Overview - this is the first chapter of your work. It is an overview of your topic.

Body - from the second chapter to the fourth chapter. This is where you write on different sub topics already gotten for your dissertation. You can find the sub topics from research on your topic and consulting an already written dissertation on that particular topic or something similar.

Conclusion - this is the final chapter. Here you write all that is in the body of your work. Your conclusion has to be concise and clear.


4. To write a good dissertation, you should be able to carry out research. This could be descriptive research, experimental research, ethnographic research and so on. This is the major thing that will help you in achieving your work.


5. You can also meet your supervisor or any lecturer to guide you through your work. They can tell you things to add or remove from your project.

In all you do, always remember to reference your work and do not plagiarize.

Good luck 💕

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